‘You Deserve A Cupcake”(TM)

GINA’S Cuisine Cupcakes purpose is designed to provide inspiration to the community Β in which it services through philanthropic efforts; touching the lives of those in need of a sweet change in their bitter situation. GINA’S Cuisine Cupcakes will make every experience delicious! We are a company created with LOVE and committed to quality products and services.

I’m very excited to share my 1st book with you, just released on my 50th birthday Little Gina Bakes Cupcakes With Mommy, now available for purchase as an E-book on Amazon.

Little Gina Bakes Cupcakes With Mommy is now available in print. Click here to purchase.

28 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey Gina. I am a friend from Periscope (Boochlolo) thank you for making my day today!!! You are amazing and I will be ordering shortly. Keep up the great work.


  2. I’m watching undercover boss and some cupcake lady is on, and makes me go to my kitchen and get one of the delicious strawberry cupcakes I bought today from you. Like I needed that since I ate a cupcake in a jar at your place today already. Ugh!!! and there are still 6 more in the kitchen. They are sooooo good they keep calling my name!!!


  3. Yesterday Ginas cupcakes made a cigar cake and I tell you she did a fabulous job. She don’t do those type of cake design but she nailed it… Job well Done!!


  4. I am so excited for you! May God continue to blessed you abundantly. Congrats on your endeavor. Can’t wait to taste the SWEETS!


    1. Of course we ship!! Regular cupcakes must be sent overnight express. Cupcakes in a jar would be perfect to ship to you ( 2 day shipping more economical) and I would still honor this weeks coupon code.


  5. Hi GinaπŸŽ‚πŸ°β€οΈ,

    I was on your scope today and you are Amazing !!!! Yes I want get something made for my Anniversary May 30th . I hope you can push it thru for me I told you I was going be on it , lol! I’m (jammin2400) on periscope 😊. Thank you so much God keep Blessing you.


  6. i am having a cupcake attack and i know you would satisfy my addiction. your buttercream frosting is to die for….your presentation is beautiful…i’m on line looking for delivery right now πŸ™‚ you are my referral whenever someone mentions sweet treats!!! ❀ thank you!


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